Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dinner Party

Photographed by JD Santo

Sydney: Zara top, Nightcap skirt, Chelsea Crew shoes, Michael Kors watch

Amy: H&M body suit, H&M jeans, Jessica Simpson shoes, Arizona jewelry store find earrings, Burberry Watch

Our wonderful friend Torri invited us over for a little dinner party. Apps and cocktails were served on the roof overlooking a beautiful sunset falling behind the Manhattan skyline. We then headed inside for the main course. While sitting around the table, Torri shared a picture of her grandparents on the first day that they met. We couldn't believe that such an amazing moment was captured and 50 years later they are still happily married (see picture #20). To top off a great evening with friends we all had cappuccinos and cookies while watching GIRLS. We would love to thank our beautiful host Torri for having us.


  1. Ames you look AMAZING, as always!!! Love you in the pic third from the bottom, eee. I'm dying over Sydney's skirt!!! First black and white pic is my fave; fab.

    <3 <3 Can't wait to see what's next!!

  2. Geeze T, your granny and gramps were fresh!

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    1. Thanks Estefania! I checked out your blog and I love your style. Following you and hopefully you will follow us too xx

  4. Hi, I'm Cristina. You are very beautiful! Love your pics!
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  5. Nicely taken pictures